Akron & VIVEX collaborate on cryopreservation

Akron is pleased to announce that it secured an exclusive collaboration with VIVEX Biologics, Inc. on the use of its next-generation line of cryopreservation media, CryoNovoTM.

VIVEX Biologics, Inc., from Marietta, GA, designs and develops innovative biologic products for regenerative medicine applications. Tracy Anderson, VIVEX CEO, speaks to the imperative,

“VIVEX underscores it commitment to patient care in the confidence that only the highest quality products become therapeutic options. Our collaboration with Akron Biotech meets those standards of excellence!”

Akron’s glycerol-, serum- and DMSO-free cryoprotectant, CryoNovoTM T82, was developed as a non-toxic alternative to traditional DMSO-based cryopreservation media. CryoNovoTM T82 provides improved cell viability and functionality when used to preserve of biological cells and tissues.

Akron’s Claudia Zylberberg said, “We are extremely pleased to extend our new line of DMSO-free cryomedia toward exciting and important new applications, and the collaboration with VIVEX is a prime example of the potential and significance of improved cryopreservation solutions which Akron pioneered.”

CryoNovoTM T82 is used in the VIVEX process of viable bone allograft preparation; retaining cell function, sustaining cell viability, and providing dependable cell identity that supports therapeutic intervention in orthopaedic and other regenerative medicine applications.