New hands at 81 years old

Bonnie Anderson Black, the mother of VIVEX President and Chief Executive Officer Tracy Anderson, has suffered from arthritis in her hands for decades. The arthritis was so painful, she could not hold onto things and it kept her from doing things she loved, like gardening. Not wanting to see his mother in pain, Mr. Anderson reached out to Doctor Michael Shuler, a top hand surgeon at the Athens Orthopedic Clinic. Together, they injected VIVEX Allogen-LI into the pads of Bonnie’s thumbs and two trigger fingers. Just two days later, Bonnie’s was pain gone. She recovered full use of her hands and could make a fist again, leaving her with a new lease on life. “It’s just like I have new hands. I’m elated! I’m very satisfied,” she proclaimed two days after surgery. Thanks to the amniotic fluid therapy of Allogen-LI, Bonnie can return to her life before arthritis and get back to gardening.

Allogen-LI, a multipurpose amniotic fluid therapy that provides a non-surgical treatment option for inflammation, injury, or chronic pain. The safe, 100% natural fluid contains no harmful additives and has treated Tendinitis, Tendinosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Fasciosis, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Epicondylitis, joint inflammation, Bursitis, muscle tears, and injuries.

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